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PE 2 item secretes ( new round power 44 and new M249 )

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:13 am
by aZDaNaFa
Hi guys

im big fans for PE2 and i finished this game with all mode but there is big 2 secret in this game i tried to found it but i cant find it
the secret is

round 5.56mm normal one

but there is Power: 44 not power 22

and i can see this with kyle weapon his damg is 90 per 1 built and mine damg with 40 per1 built

this mean kyle useing round power 44 not 22 as mine

and i saw new weapon ( M249 ) normal one is CAPACITY: 200rounds

and round 5.56mm power 22

but there is new one with

and round 5.56mm power 22

who i can open these thing in this game and one can help me plz im sure 100 % there is something like this

Help ty