Do Remakes Suck That Bad?

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Do Remakes Suck That Bad?

Postby Shikou » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:30 am

Usually when it comes to remakes people seem to nitpick at changes like "oh that never happened in the original! Why did they change this?!" and some bias saying "the original will always be the best version". I was one of those people in high school and now that I'm older and revisiting the classic Japanese horror films I watched during one summer of 09 with their remakes shortly after and now giving each version a fair view. With this in mind I have been pretending that the original does not exist when I watch the remakes and take them for what they are and if its a good adaptation in general.

One thing that gets a lot of heat seem to be the American remakes but never other parts of the world for some reason like Korea. Why is this? I'm not sure. I would like to know. In the last decade remakes of Asian films seem to be very popular but how did this happen? The Ring being the first Japanese horror film to be remade. I actually liked this one. I liked the gloomy and cold atmosphere the film projects.
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It did scare me more than the Japanese version at the time when I first watched it over 10 years ago. I didn't really like the Korean remake all that much for being very slow paced but I liked how it was more faithful to the source material (the novel) so that was something new and interesting but it wasn't scary unfortunately. I wouldn't call the second American Ring a remake because its an original story like the Japanese one was so it would be unfair to call it a remake.

I do find it a little funny how a lot of people dont know the American Grudge films (1 and 2) were directed by the original director Takashi Shimizu. From what I can remember I felt like those films made a good transition from Asian to Western even though majority of both films are based in Japan. Should they be considered Japanese horror with the sense of the JAPANESE original director being involved as director and being based in JAPAN? Or what makes something "Japanese horror"? Must be Japanese made? Must be based on Japan? Must be released in Japan first? A mixture of all three? What is it?

Apparently, there is going to be a legit Westernized Grudge film but its been very very quiet. If it happens, I'll most likely see it. Last time I heard about it was in 2012 about it being Western based and not in Japan. I wonder how much that will change if it comes out.

I dont remember what I though about Dark Water. I watched the Japanese version first then the American remake much later. I dont remember which version I would prefer but the Japanese version had good build up except the big climax wasn't very good and had me laughing when it did.
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The American remake had a good build up too and the climax was a little better but I dont remember much of both films besides the last 5 minutes so I'm not sure which I would prefer.

One non-Japanese film I would like to mention would be Carrie. As a fan of the original film and the book it's based on I prefer the recent 2013 remake. It was like how I imagined the book when I read it. The book didn't have a horror vibe but for some reason the original film did with its high violin tracks which made no sense to me. The remake did a better job in my honest opinion. I just wish advertisements didn't spoil most of the film. I felt like Carrie was never meant to be a horror story but one of those "hero origin stories" like Spiderman or Batman and the 2013 film did just that because its about a girl who is misunderstood and lives under a rock because of her mother keeping the outside world from her. Does it being modern butcher the original? Of course not because its realistic with the use of social media which teens today use on a daily basis for good or evil. I loved the relationship between Carrie and her mother in this version as well, the director did a wonderful job and it shows she put some care into the film which you dont really see much today unfortunately.

There was a time that I hated the fact of Teen Wolf being remade into a TV series by Mtv because at the time everything that came out of MTV was garbage but I gave it a chance and ended up really liking it. I love both the film and the TV series their own way.

Even though the 1998 Godzilla film was the film of my childhood and would watch it a lot that Im surprised the VHS tape still works. I really loved the 2014 reboot. The plot was a lot more interesting. I can understand why the controversy about the film exists because it was a little different from past Godzilla films but overall it was a very well made film. The cinematography was beautiful in the second half. The soundtrack was good. The CG work is a lot better obviously because its been 17 years since the last film.

I've seen Quarantine but never the original Spanish film REC. I remember not liking it so much because of the zombie-like theme it has which I'm never really a fan of to begin with but I'm open to the idea of seeing the original.

I'm currently looking forward to the Hollywood Death Note remake (its been nearly 10 years, whats taking so long?!). I was looking forward to the Battle Royal remake but unfortunately because people might call it a "Hunger Games rip off" we wont see that anytime soon.

That seems to be the end of my rambling. What do you guys think of remakes in general?
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