FanFic: Eve's First Christmas!

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FanFic: Eve's First Christmas!

Postby Shikou » Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:22 am

Well here you go. This has been in my head for weeks now it has been put into words for all to enjoy. Hope you like it. Sorry about the minor continuity error in the first bit, its suppose to be that way or else the story wouldn't fit well nor the title would make sense. Please bear with me, its been a really long time since I wrote something.

Eve's First Christmas!

Aya Diary Entry

Its been three months since the Neo Arc has been put to rest. Eve and I have been living in peace since then. We have been reunited with Kyle at the museum just recently. I cant feel nothing but happiness since then as well like I can finally sleep in peace and not worry what might have happened to him nor have anything to remember of the horror that I have faced during my time at that place. About Eve.... since I first laid eyes on her I felt like I could connect to her in a personal level like a mother would with her daughter. I wanted to hold her. Protect her. Keep her safe. Even if it costed my life which it almost did. In the end... I really wouldn't care. As long as she was safe. (laughs) I can see Eve tampering with the wrapped gifts I have for her under the tree. Better go stop her.

"Eve..." Eve freezes as she hears Aya's voice. "Oh hi Aya!" "What were you doing?" "Umm... I-" A loud door bell can be heard from the living room the two were in. Aya peeks through the peek hole. Kyle was on the other side. Aya opens the door and Kyle can be seen with a few wrapped gifts for the two. Before he could enter Eve ambushes him with a hug knocking him down. "Oww..." Aya covers her mouth and looks away trying not to make it obvious that she was laughing at the sight of a full grown man being knocked down by a little girl. "Hey, whats so funny?!" Aya couldn't hold it in anymore. Kyle's reaction pushed her in full laughter. Kyle blushed and started to laugh himself.

After Kyle finally settles in the three ate dinner which Aya has cooked for the night then sat together watching your typical Christmas specials that come on year after year. "Aya, can I open my presents now?" "Not yet" "Aww, then when can I?" "If you're still awake for two more hours by midnight then you can." "But why?" "Its tradition." "Ok. Aya, can I ask you something?" "Sure" "Promise not to get mad?" "Why would I be mad? Did you do something?" "No, its just that..." "What is it?" "Im pretty excited to open my presents and Im sure you and Kyle put a lot of thought into them but...." "Is there something that you want?" "Well yeah..." "Then what is it?" "Can you can Kyle get me a little sister?" "W-WHAT?!?!?" Both Aya and Kyle looked at each other with a red face as sweat start running down top to bottom. "Aya your face is red. You're not sick are you?" "N-No no! Eve, guess what. Screw traditions! You can open your presents now! How does that sound?" Eve's eyes shine with joy and rushes to the tree opening her Christmas presents.

It was past midnight, Aya and Kyle were so shocked about Eve asking them to have a baby they ignored the fact Eve was passed out on the floor sleeping using gift wrap as a blanket. Kyle put Eve to bed and closed her bedroom door leaving her silent. Kyle finds Aya picking up the torn gift wrap and throwing them away. "I think I should head home." "You should stay for the night. Its pretty late for you to be driving at this hour." "Like anybody is out at this hour. Roads should be silent." "I still haven't gave you my gift." Kyle looks at the tree but nothing with his name on it was there. "Did Eve opened it by mistake?" Kyle questioned. "No but I'll let you know when its ready so stay for a while longer ok?" Kyle sighed. "Alright."

Some time has passed. Kyle is alone flipping channels then he hears Aya's voice. "Kyle can you help me with something?" Kyle stands up and walk to Aya's bedroom. Kyle opened her door. Aya is seen sitting by her desk in a red dress, red boots, red gloves, and a Santa hat on her head. "Hey there. I've heard you've been naughty." Kyle is frozen in place. Aya stands up and walks to him. "Well dont just stand there, put this on." Aya places reindeer antlers on Kyle's head, puts a bell around his neck, and slowly places a red nose onto his nose. Kyle is lost in words. Aya looks at him annoyed. "Aya... why are you doing this?" "Well Eve wants a little sister so......" Aya places her hand behind Kyle's neck. "A-A-Are you sure?" Aya kisses Kyle on the cheek then.... "Aya?" A little voice of a child can be heard. Eve was watching this whole time. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Aya screamed like if her life was about to end. "Aya, why are you dressed like that?" Aya and Kyle looked at each other. "Aya, your face matches the color of your outfit. Are you sure you're not sick. "I might as well be." Aya thinks to herself. Puzzled Eve came to a conclusion. "Oh I get it. I know what you two were doing." The two became redder than blood that its not humanly possible... and not healthy. "You do?" Kyle answered." "Uh huh, I know exactly what you two were doing. You two are playing dress up!" The redness in the two full grown adults have gone from red to purple then collapsed to the ground. Eve's innocent laughter filled the room. It was a very cold Christmas morning. One that wont be forgotten.

Aya Diary Entry

Today is my wedding. I am so nervous I can throw up. Its only natural. I questioned myself why did it took this long for me to say yes. Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of my wedding. I would look to my side and see my mother and Maya sitting together with a smile on their face maybe with a tear or two from how I look in my wedding dress. Even if they aren't with me in person they have never left since that day. I was never really alone. I can finally be happy and live on. Oh... 10 minutes till the wedding starts. I should double check on everything. Wouldn't want to look like a mess on my special day.

I dont know how many times I've read Aya's diary. Maybe five... or maybe six? Her diary was hers and hers alone. So many memories that she kept. So many emotions and pain she had to go through. Her diary starts with her joing the police academy. She proved herself to the others that she a woman can be a cop too. She was about to give up but she told herself that she wouldn't and gained a lot of respect by being the highest ranked student. She went through a lot of trials during her time as a rookie cop. She saved the world more than once. I really admire her and her strength to keep going even when things seemed impossible. ....? Im not sure how but I seem to have missed the final page. "................" ".....Aya." Aya's final entry has gave me the strength that I needed to not be sad anymore. They are a part of me just as how I am a part of them. They will always be by my side as long as I remember them and remember the happy times. Oh? Its snowing.

Eve looks up as snow falls from the sky. She reaches out and manages to catch a snowflake and holds it close to her heart. She hears a familiar voice passing by. It sounded like Aya. Alarmed she turns around but no one was there then she feels the presence of two people behind her and turns around again. She could see Aya and Kyle holding hands walking away then Aya stops. She turns her head facing Eve in Aya's body. "Merry Christmas" Aya and Kyle smile at Eve and kept walking then the two fade away. Eve smiles then walks away. What sort of adventures are in store for her? We may never know.



Alternative scene
Aya screamed like if her life was about to end. "Aya. I am very mad with you." "E-Eve, I can explain." "Why didn't you tell me we were playing dress up tonight? I would have been an elf!" Eve pouts.

I didn't know how to end it from there so it was cut.


So dat one scene totally explains a certain picture!

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Re: FanFic: Eve's First Christmas!

Postby Caligo » Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:54 am

Was nice to see some fresh new fanfics!

Anything with lil!Eve is good with me ;)
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