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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 7:38 pm
by Steahl
Imagine a world where the Ultimate Being was born. Not in New York, but in the initial attempt in Japan. Imagine the Ultimate Being was able to shift, infect, and change almost all of Japan before the rest of the world noticed.

Then imagine the war.

This war, with both magic and science employed against one of the greatest evolutionary beings in existence, destroyed the world.

It has been twenty years.

The world is trying to rebuild.

Generally this is a panfandom game that is part wild west game, part post apocolyptic game, and part YAY MONSTERS. The posting/playing is slow and there is no deadline or hurry for those who have busy schedules. <-- This is the Game journal itself. <-- This is the informational post for anyone interested in playing in the world or just curious about the crazy we call fun. ^^