Demonic Lovers: Obsession (Visual Novel)

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Demonic Lovers: Obsession (Visual Novel)

Postby Shikou » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:43 am

So I've been thinking of making an original visual novel for the lolz and out of boredom and see if anybody would like it. So far its in the writing process and Im in need of an artist to make the sprites and backgrounds. I can do the programming and writing.

The basic plot is about a girl that becomes obsessed over a series she discovers. Her strict father has a ban on anything anime related and it so happens to be a anime game series. How far would our protagonist go to keep her secret safe?

Not the final thing. Might change as development picks up.

I look out the window during class. I can see birds flying just outside while I look at them in envy. I felt like this class was my cage. Even when I leave and go home I have another cage waiting for me which was my bedroom. My day was just as any other and I hate it. I want something new. I want out of this town. Maybe I should get a boyfriend? Nah, Im still in high school. High school relationships dont last very long anyway. Im not living in some movie or some 90's TV drama where the girl gets the guy in the end with some wedding in the final season of the series. I should focus more on getting away from my dad. I cant do anything when hes around. Saved by the bell. The bell of my final class of the day has rung and I can leave.

As Im putting my things away I could hear a pair of girls from the other side of the class talking to each other. "Hey have you heard of this new game yet?" "What game?" "Demonic Lovers or something like that. "Whats it about?" "Umm... I believe its a dating sim of 6 attractive guys" The other sighs. "Sounds like all the other ones I've played." "No no! This one is different!" "How?" "Well, they are supernatural guys!" "Like vampires?" "Yeah! One is a demon, two are werewolves, and the other three are vampires!" "Sounds interesting." I thought to myself that it sounded like a twisted version of Twilight. "But there is something about it though. And its really weird." "Well what is it?" "They all dont have interest in you and want to kill you instead." Oh my God, I was right but much worse. "I think I'll pass." "Really? There is a anime coming out for it." "Seriously? Maybe I'll check out the anime and if its bad then I'll stay away from the game." "I think I'll do the same for this one too." I decided to leave.

From a distance I could see a train leaving the station meaning I missed my train. If only if I didn't stay and listen to those girls but I have no one to blame but myself. When I got to the station I was all alone. I sighed then thought maybe this was a good time to have some time to myself. I ate at a near by burger place and stayed there for a while after I finished eating. It was getting dark so I left. From a distance I could hear music that captured my attention. I could see a local game shop. They seem to be promoting some new game. I didn't wanted to go in but the music playing was controlling me somehow then went inside.

I followed the music to an empty display with one last copy of a game called "Demonic Lovers". Sounds like the game those girls were talking about. I dont know why but the song playing was keeping me in one place as I continue to listen to it. I felt like the vocals were hypnotizing me I couldn't shake the grip they had on me till someone came to me. "Hey, are you interested?" "Oh sorry no." "Really? Its the last one we have and we wont have more." "I dont really play video games. They are more of my brother's thing." "Girls can play games too you know?" "Yeah I know but still I dont even have the thing to play this on." "Well I can give you the game and the system for free." Is this guy crazy? Or does he just want to get rid of the last copy that badly? But still.... I have been wanting something new and how often is somebody offered a game and a whole game system for free? "Well if you really are serious then sure."

I left the game shop with the game and a system I have no clue how to use. I took out the system from it's box and all the little things it might need in my bag along with the game then threw away the evidence and went straight to the station. Im not allowed to have something like this but I didn't care anymore. I made it home and the first person I see so happened to be my father. "You're very late." "Sorry but I missed my train." My father sighed as if he was expecting a lame excuse from me. "Im gonna go to my room to study. I promise I wont be late like that again." I went up to my room and sat on my desk where my laptop is. I took everything out of my bag and completely forgot I brought home that game from earlier. There was a reason why I got rid of the box of the game system. My father is strict and would have asked why I have it and would have made me take everything out from my bag. My father has a ban of anything anime related. The game I have looks like a anime game and would have threw it out the second he saw it.

I took a hot bath then went to my room. I did my best to find out how to work the gaming system and to my surprise it turned on. The logo "PGP" came on. So thats what this thing is called. The PGP asked to insert a game so I unwrapped the game and put it in. I put a pair of earbuds then started the game. I could hear the same song as before from the game shop. I was hypnotized by the lyrics once again then pressed start.......
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