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New Livejournal Community

Postby Tysonkaiexperiment » Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:17 am

Caligos and I have began a new Parasite Eve livejournal community considering the only other one there stopped being updated either 2007/2008. This will serve as more of an affiliate with this site, but at the same time it is still connected to it. (Maybe more of a smaller section of it?) Hopefully with the more people who join the livejournal we can convince them to join here as well, so if you feel like joining please do!

We'll be doing a whole bunch of things there, like offering icons, banners, or wallpapers, having discussions or questions, offering downloads of cleaned-up pages of the novel, the Insider, or the manga.

Also, those of you who'd like to be an admin for the lj community, just message me on my own livejournal with the name you use on this site, and I'll add you.

The New Livejournal Community, Arise Within You:
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