Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Postby mindlessdrawing » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:53 pm

I registered yesterday, I'm an user from the Spanish fansite influenceofdeep and came here to talk to you about a petition I've been preparing since some months ago to ask for remakes of PE I & PE II and mainly for a third game (and to request the return of Takashi Tokita to the series as a writer too, he still works for SE)

Some members from that website and I are going to be involved, it would be great if we joined forces and had more people involved in the initiative :)

It will start on June or July and the initiative will be focused mainly on Parasite Eve but we also plan to help fans of other game series (a few of them are popular) as a way to get support from those fans and support each other (thus making more noise on the Internet)

We would then make a Facebook page and gather enough people to send one day messages on Twitter and Facebook asking some Youtubers to promote the initiative with gameplay videos of the games too (using also the hashtag #WeWantParasiteEve3 )

What do you think? Would you call the initiative Project Mitochondrion?

P.S: I have yet to contact someone from the movement Project Crystallis, there's someone from their team who makes professional videos for free (I think)
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